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3rd I-61 “Family Living” Cohort

In 2008 I-61 launched a six-week workshop for married couples called “Family Living.” The course follows a curriculum created by I-61 based on the book Kingdom Living for the Family by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. During the fall of 2009 we completed our 3rd intake of the workshop. The workshop is intended for husbands and wives as a follow-up to their personal deliverance prayer sessions. The couples are encouraged to dig deeply into themselves and their relationships to identify hindrances to unity in their families and marriages. The course includes Bible study and challenging homework assignments designed to promote Kingdom living, which is “righteousness, peace and joy.” Ro. 14:17.

The Family Living curriculum covers the Biblical model and goals for marriage and family, the husband's role, the wife's role, bringing up children in the Lord, and a pattern for family action. Couples typically experience deeper deliverance and freedom in Christ when they go through this study. One recent participant testified to her friends that “this was the hardest course I have ever taken.” A husband said that the workshop “challenged me and created discomfort as now I understand that I must exercise leadership and spiritual authority as a husband and father.” Another man said that the study “has given me a new perspective and changed my life.” Another woman told us that the workshop “blessed her marriage tremendously” and encouraged I-61 to “keep on offering sections of the workshop to others.” Please contact us through our website for more information.

I-61 Launches Workshops

workshop Isaiah 61 Ministries recently launched a two-part workshop series.  The first part, called Spiritual Warfare is a one-day introduction to spiritual warfare for Christians.  The workshop covers key scriptures, a review of spiritual warfare in Church history, and the I-61 approach to deliverance prayers.  Also included in the workshop are a number of testimonies given by people who have received deliverance through this ministry.
  The first offering of this workshop was held on August 18, and was attended by 32 participants.    
  The feedback received was very positive, and included comments such as, “It was this firm base in the Scriptures that taught me that there is so much more freedom in Christ than I had ever experienced,” (a woman from Harrisonburg); “The material was presented with excellence.  The years of study on the topic of deliverance is obvious,” (a Harrisonburg pastor); “I appreciate the historical information… the humility… [and] the research that has gone into this,” (another Harrisonburg pastor); and, “Powerful,” (a third  Harrisonburg pastor).  
  The introductory workshop was followed by a six-week series workshop called Preparing for Deliverance with 28 participants.  This series is a combination of on-the-job training for people who have already received deliverance prayers and want to learn how to minister to others, and, preparation for deliverance for the other participants. Each week included a portion of teaching about the various entry points of demonic oppression in the lives of believers and a “hands-on” coaching session where the participants worked in small groups to prepare ministry worksheets.  The Preparing for Deliverance series was followed by individual prayer sessions for the participants.  Isaiah 61 Ministries is grateful to Jesus for the freedom He is bringing in our midst, as evidenced by the many new testimonies we are receiving weekly.  

For more information about these workshops, including future workshop schedules, please contact us!








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