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"They overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and by the word of their testimony..." Rev. 12:11
  • "Mom and Dad (Ford), you are one of those great missionaries who have made VN their home and Vietnamese people their family. It was my honor and privilege to become your spiritual daughter and to receive your sweetest care and continuous prayers. You were truly always available for me when I was living my hardest days. Your love for me is so true and tender. I love you so much and miss you a lot. I’ll be a better version of me the next time we meet!" A woman in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • "Today is my seventh Christmas since becoming a Christian, but this was the first time I attended the Christmas Day celebration with the Esai (Isaiah 61) family. I feel so warm and so peaceful! I have never been able to celebrate Christmas with my family, because my father does not believe in God. But today I am happy because we have (spiritual) parents, father and mother (Roger and Holly Ford) who love us so much! I thank God first for their thoughtfulness of opening their home to us (Isaiah 61 members) and giving and sharing Christmas with us. I wish the Esai family full of grace in the future. Jesus loves you deeply" A new member of the I-61 family in Danang.

  • "Last week at our I-61 gathering Dad (Ford) shared his recent I-61 Facebook Post 'The earth is satisfied by the fruit of His work. - Psalm 104:13' with the question, 'Are you satisfied with what the Lord has given you?' [*November 15, 2018] It really touched my heart and I had to ask myself if I was a slave to money, or, more interested in money than I was in obeying God. Then the very next day I was meeting with one of my company's clients and he offered me a bribe to help him with a project. As you know, business corruption is a big problem here. Of course I knew that taking the bribe is wrong, but, to be honest, I felt the temptation. I remembered Dad's question, 'Am I satisfied with my salary, what God has given me?' I answered my client, 'No, I must please God, that is most important. I will not take your money, I am satisfied with my salary.' I am so grateful to Isaiah 61 for leading me through deliverance and teaching me God’s Word more deeply" A man in Danang.

  • "Prior to deliverance I struggled with significant anxiety. I had to take anxiety medication at least once a day. The worst was at night when I tried to sleep. Anxiety would keep me awake, my heart would race and, if I fell asleep, I'd wake up every half an hour until I'd take a Xanax. Since receiving deliverance, I no longer take medication for anxiety. At times I will have anxiety, but I will command it to leave and it goes! I've learned the importance of walking out my deliverance and the authority I have in Jesus. I'm also able to have a restful nights sleep without anxiety. I'm so very thankful for this ministry and the freedom I've received." A woman in Rockingham County

  • "A few years ago a chiropractor told me that my hip, leg, & neck pain and headaches might be due to food allergies. He suspected gluten and dairy and told me to go without them for two weeks. Within a day or two I noticed a significant reduction in the pain. Whenever I would try to reintroduce even a little gluten or dairy, I would almost immediately start with a headache and neck pain, which would progress to hip and other joint pain. This summer, my wife and I received deliverance ministry from Isaiah 61. After deliverance, I decided to step out in faith and eat food with these allergens. I had no side effects for 15-30 minutes. Then, I started having a cloudy feeling, headache, and neck pain, as I previously did, but not as intense. Our prayer team encouraged me to believe God had healed me and to hold on to my deliverance. They prayed and also taught me how to pray and test the spirits myself. For about a week, I battled with believing if I really was free. As I continued to stand my ground and test the spirits, however, I received relief and I now have no side effects from these foods. For the first time in years, I can once again enjoy pizza, pasta, cheese, and ice cream! I thank Jesus for what He has done for me! ." A man in Rockingham County, Virginia.

  • "More than five years ago I was introduced to Isaiah 61 Ministries through the Danang International Fellowship. Through this ministry I had the privilege of receiving deliverance for issues that had been plaguing my Christian walk for as long as I can remember. I was set free and now enjoy freedom from that which had ensnared me for so long. I want to encourage everybody that Jesus still sets the captives free today!" An expat in Vietnam.

  • "Do you remember when you prayed for my shoulder last year? Well, I didn't have to have surgery after all! After you prayed I went back to my doctor and he said that he had changed his mind (about the operation). Then another doctor confirmed I no longer need surgery!" A woman in Rockingham County, Virginia.

  • "Dear James and Cassandra - I am so thankful for your prayers right before I went home to visit my family and thank you a lot for for your patience with me. This time it so amazing about deliverance. Whenever I got out of my house, I prayed deliverance over myself. I can tell you tons of spirits got out and got out easily. I was so surprised about that, and I felt super released. This was another remarkable thing I experienced when I was home: There was a night when everything was messed up, even my family; but then the day after, I prayed deliverance over myself and the house. Then everything went back to normal. I am super thankful to God and to our spiritual family, I-61, who helped and taught me about deliverance. I feel so blessed to testify with my church about Seadev and I-61. They were all really amazed about God's work through Seadev and I-61. Once again, deep down from my heart, I want to say thank you, James and Cassandra, you are truly servants of God to help and care for a very little person like me. May God bless you continuously every and each day, each moment with His Big Joy and Hope. And may many more lives be blessed by you like I am. Thank you, James and Cassandra. Love you and your family, Seadev and our Isaiah 61 family a lot!" A woman in Vietnam.

  • "Thanks for your hearts of prayers over the years. Our marriage has been blessed. We still remember vividly the week of deliverance and family counseling at your place in the forest. It has changed our lives ever since. We don't have much time with you (since then), but please know that we really respect and love you dearly. We cannot wait to introduce our baby to you!" A couple in South East Asia.

  • "I was raised in a religious cult that distorted my view of God. I loved God and the Bible, but spirits of judgment and shame crippled my ability to form relationships. The Lord through Christ rescued me. I am in constant awe of His redeeming power. I thank God every day for leading me into my healing journey with I-61 and my church. My pastor and Isaiah 61 prayer team fights for me in prayer ministry as well as offers the kind of hospitality and affection that is instrumental in healing the wounded passageways in my brain. By faith I know God's love for me. I am forming many life-giving relationships based on that understanding and trust the Lord to complete the process of restoring me to sound thinking.!" A woman in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

  • "We wanted to thank you and let you know that we are following ALL the things you taught us in pre-marital counseling. Our marriage is great and we are even more in love than we could have imagined,praise God." A newlywed couple in the USA.

  • "We are so thankful for how much your ministry helped us. You really saved our marriage. Although we did not tell you at the time, before coming for deliverance we had already filled out divorce papers and given them to the judge. After our prayer sessions with you, we went back to the judge and asked if we could withdraw our divorce application. Divinely, the judge had not yet signed the application and he agreed to return it to us, saying that he was happy to resolve our case this way!" A couple who came for personal deliverance ministries 5 years ago.

  • "Recently I received follow-up deliverance prayers and want to testify that Jesus healed me! Other people had noticed and pointed out to me that I seemed to be hungry all the time, even soon after I have eaten. It is true, and when I first woke up in the morning all I could think was, 'Eat, eat, eat!' My prayer team asked me about any family history of diabetes or low blood sugar, or other insulin-related health issues. I told them that I did have a few distant relatives with those kinds of problems. So the team led me to cancel any inherited curses in the name of Jesus, who became a curse for us so that we could be free from every curse (Galatians 3:13). They then tested for spirits related to those kinds of health issues, and also cast out spirits that were lodged in my pancreas related to insulin, etc. I yawned a lot, and really felt something leave me. Praise the Lord, my constant hunger feeling is gone! When I wake in the morning I feel normal and do not feel weak from hunger. I can eat if I want to or not and just wait until later. It is amazing! I want to tell everybody, do not be satisfied with just one-time deliverance prayers. Jesus has more healing and deliverance for us, we just need to know how to ask Him!" A woman in Virginia.

  • "I was not aware of the seriousness of having a history of Free Masons in the family until it was explained to me by Isaiah 61. I was given a long prayer of renunciation to read to break the curses in the name of Jesus from my grandfather's involvement in the Masons. Actually, he was a step grandfather, but the curse still applied because there was a legal adoption. One of the parts of the Masonic vow related to a noose around the neck. Well, I had always struggled with gagging and a gag-reflex, but did not know why. It runs in the family, because my sister has the same thing. After deliverance I noticed that I was not gagging any more. Before, I could never wear a tie, or a shirt with a tight collar. I bought special shirts with extra large necks because of my gag reflex. Also, I always gagged when I brushed my teeth, but now that is gone! Now I can brush my teeth as long as I want. My wife asked me, 'Why are you brushing so long?' and I answered her, 'Because I CAN!'"An expat living in South East Asia.

  • "I am sending you a link with photos of people going into a famous pagoda near my house. They pay about $7 per person to the pagoda, hoping that a chanting session could save them from a year of bad luck, related to astrology. They sit on the floor inside the pagoda, or, if there is no room, then they sit outside, or even on the sidewalk, or the street, or the nearby bridge - wherever they can find a space. Many years ago, my mom and I were annual participants of this ritual. When I see the photos, I can also see myself in my mind, blindly worshipping these idols. I am sending this to remind you of our experience 8 years ago when you first prayed for my deliverance and set me free from the idols. Without Jesus, and without you, I might still be sitting there, blind, in the pagoda."A woman in Vietnam.

  • "Today I saw a memory from Facebook that I posted 5 years ago. I shared verse 3:17-18 from Habakkuk, 'Though the tree does not bud, and there are no grapes on the vines, the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, yet I will be joyful in my Savior.' At that time, I was feeling so low, and my life was so empty. But, as I look back from then till now I count so many blessings from the Lord. Although I was already part of Isaiah 61 at that time, I was a newcomer, and I was rebellious. Many times I had things that I did not want to confess, and sometimes I would even stay away from I-61 to hide my sin. But then I would become overwhelmed and reach out to (Mom and Dad Ford) and they would encourage me, pray for me, and lead me through another layer of deliverance. Over these years God has been so faithful to me. I want to encourage everyone in Isaiah 61 Ministries: Don't be overwhelmed, and don't give up. Keep working on getting your full deliverance and Jesus will give you joy!" A woman in Vietnam.

  • "Two years ago I decided to return to my homeland. When I discussed this with my spiritual dad (Roger), he asked me, 'Who is going to watch over your soul and pray for you when you are back in China?' I did not really have a good answer. I knew that my spiritual life would be hard there, but I really wanted to go because I was worried about my aging grandparents who had raised me. So I decided that I could keep myself strong by myself. When I found a job in an English language school that was run by Christians, Dad Roger blessed me to go. But, to be honest, I was not able to keep myself spiritually strong. I am around non-believers every day, and the Christians at my school do not understand about healing and deliverance, so they are not able to encourage me spiritually very much. Slowly, I became a 'Sunday Christian.' I gradually lost my passion to share Christ and my compassion for the people around me. It was so gradual that I did not notice that I had changed, but I had. I became dry, and I was no longer witnessing to anyone. When I returned to Vietnam for Christmas vacation, one of my I-61 sisters asked me how many new converts I had in China, and I was sad when I realized that I had none. Thank God, it was His plan to bring me 'home' to Vietnam to remind me of what kind of spiritual life I should have. Dad Roger was right. I did not have anyone around me who was watching over me, praying for me, and holding me accountable. Now I know that I paid a big price for not listening to Dad. When I was back with my spiritual family, Dad Roger and Mom Holly prayed deliverance prayers over me. I had picked up a lot of garbage (evil spirits) from curses and people around me. I had to deal with my own unforgiveness and anger towards several people who had hurt me, and I also had to cancel curses from the idolatry in my Chinese city. When Dad first started to pray for me, I felt something deep inside me that wanted to hit him and push him away! I knew I could not do that, so I ran to the other side of the room. Then Mom said we needed to sit down and start praying again, and, this time I felt the spirits leave me, and soon I was free. These were things that built up in me for 18 months. Now I must return to my job in China, but I hope and pray that I will be able to keep myself stronger and free this time." A young woman in China.

  • "I am so thankful for my deliverance. I had my first prayer session five years ago, but to tell the truth, I held back the deepest thing in my life because I was afraid and ashamed. This thing from my childhood tormented me so that I was often physically ill, and always sad. My spiritual life did not grow much. Last year I was so desperate that I confessed to my I-61 family and asked for more prayers. This time I really opened my heart and told them EVERYTHING that had happened to me as a child, and confessed ALL my sins to them and to God. Finally, I was really set free. My chronic sickness and sadness are gone! Now, I am more confident to pray for people, and, when I pray I believe that they, too, will be healed, in Jesus' name! I am so thankful to God for bringing Isaiah 61 Ministries into my life!" A woman in Southeast Asia.

  • "The demonic oppression in our family was bad. That is an understatement. It was really bad. To be honest, I didn't believe in God. When someone tried to talk to me, I replied, 'No way.' But I was so sick; (deliverance) really works. I felt set free. Now I feel free." A young man who was set free with his family in Harrisonburg.

  • "I had been sick and in constant pain in my stomach for four years. I had operations, but the doctors just did not know what was wrong with me. When my deliverance started the pain was rebuked, and it stopped! I have not been sick or in pain since my deliverance. I am off the couch and taking care of my home and family now like I always wanted to. I didn't know the power that was available through Jesus Christ!" A woman in Harrisonburg, Va.

  • "I have a good testimony. I awoke with a "trigger " finger 3 weeks ago. It was quite sore and difficult to open. I took authority over it and it didn't leave right away but I was able to make breakfast. I took authority again and it left shortly after. An hour later it returned. Again I took authority, and this time it left for good. Jesus also had to pray more than once! Remember the story of the blind man? Jesus prayed for him and when the man opened his eyes he saw people, but they looked like trees. So Jesus prayed again, and then he was able to see clearly!" A woman in Chesapeake, Va.

  • "Dear brothers and sisters - The day I took the flight from Danang back to Hanoi, I cried from the time the plane took off until it landed. God loves me so much. His love is so big, so deep, so overwhelming. His love poured into my heart and I could feel how much He loves me.

    I want to thank you very much for your prayers and for Isaiah 61 ministries. I have experienced how real He is; how much He loves me. For a long time, I always felt lonely and that I did not belong, even when I was with my family or with other believers.  Thank God for giving me the chance to open up my heart to share with you, to be heard, to pray with you and receive your genuine love. Thank God for letting me experience Him. I've heard about Him and known about His love, but it was not until now that I can feel the depth of His love and His mighty power. 

    Isaiah 61 Ministries is not only about deliverance, but also about healing in the deepest place of the soul. Thank God He brought me to this ministry, to meet with you and be prayed for by you, being listened to, and be set free. And, most importantly, to feel God's love through your love for me. And I know it's God grace for me to meet you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for fighting for me and loving me always. With love, and more than I can say, thank you." A woman in Hanoi.

  • "I want to testify about my recent deliverance. You may remember when you first prayed for me I told you about a near-drowning experience. Although we prayed about that during the session, later, when I went swimming with my husband, I realized that I still was afraid of the water, and I was so weak I could not even swim half way across the pool without resting and getting my breath. So I told this to my husband and he prayed for me again, casting out the spirit of fear of water. I felt something come out of me right then. Then we went swimming again, this time to a much bigger pool, and I was immediately able to swim all the way across the pool without stopping to rest, and my fear was gone! Thank you, Isaiah 61, for teaching my husband, and thank You, Jesus!" A woman in Vietnam.

  • "Thank God for Isaiah 61! I was helped by you with mercy; it's my wonderful blessing and I am always thinking about that sweet memory. This is my testimony: I was really excited and anxious about deliverance, because I knew I had problems in my life that needed God's help. Honestly, I was afraid that it wouldn't work, but when I met you I felt peace of mind. Thank God because He gave me deliverance and freedom that day. I felt God touch my heart and after each time you prayed to cast out evil spirits, I felt my body respond deeply by yawning a lot, and I had an uninterrupted flow of tears in my eyes. The spiritual fight was real, and the next days afterward I continued to pray and cast more evil spirits out of my body as you taught me. After several days I felt better, my body and soul was light. I feel so close to God now and understand the Holy Bible much more thoroughly. It is wonderful! I am growing in God everyday and am thankful to you for that growth. Thanks for the books gave me, they are great! I love you and God bless you!" A woman in Hanoi.

  • "I want to update Isaiah 61 about my plans to return to my home country. Before receiving deliverance, I had lived in isolation from community for many years. I became isolated because my church leaders had hurt me, and I could not, did not want to forgive them. Roger and Holly asked me many times to forgive them, over and over if necessary, but it was so difficult for me. Finally, in September I spent the time in prayer to finally let (these old hurts) go. Now I am ready to return home and serve my own people like Isaiah 61 serves people. I will open my home and minister the way the Fords have ministered to me. I want to help people to have unity in their faith and life, liberty from bondage, and solidarity with other believers. No more isolation for me!" A missionary from Korea.

  • "Words can't express how thankful I am to be blessed with the chance to know you and start this journey with you toward Jesus! May God bless your heart for Vietnam and use you in mighty ways to bind up the broken hearted and bring freedom to the captives! I am proud to be your spiritual daughter. With much love and blessing." A young woman in Vietnam.

  • "A little more than a week before my wedding I was hit by a drunk driver while delivering wedding invitations on my motor bike. I was bruised very badly and there were large cuts on my legs. I had open wounds that were sore and ugly, and it was very painful to walk. Just a few days before the wedding my I-61 family prayed for me during our weekly meeting. Praise the Lord, my feet healed amazingly, I was able to walk normally, and, I did not have ugly scars on my legs for my wedding day!

    They also prayed deliverance for me related to unbroken curses on my family which might cause conflict and strife in my marriage. I confessed to them about my anger towards my fiancé, and was surprised how much spiritual baggage came out of me! Now I am a newlywed and I know that Jesus healed me both physically and spiritually to prepare me to become a Godly wife and to have a blessed marriage. Thank you for making me part of the Isaiah 61 family and for helping to prepare me for my marriage. It is a privilege and blessing to me." A new wife and leader of Campus Crusade for Christ ministry in SE Asia.

  • "Sunday Brunch is my favorite Sunday of the month - we have church ALL DAY LONG! As soon as it is over, I look forward to the next one all month!". A missionary to Vietnam.

  • "Thank you so much for encouraging me to get out of my painful past and trauma. Before I was living in isolation, but I now have packed schedules every day to meet various people. Here is a little bit more of my story...

    I have served in the mission field for the past 15 years and am a 4th generation Christian on my mother's side. I was educated in a Biblical way through my mother, and that made me think that all Christians - especially leaders, must be Godly people. But many of the church leaders in my mission field did things or said things which often hurt me and made me so confused. I struggled in secret for many years wondering a lot about what the Christian life was really supposed to be like, and why the real lives of some of the Christians I knew did not match that life.

    I couldn't find anyone to share my struggle in my old organization; once when I tried I was rebuked (as if it was all my fault). It became extremely hard for me to fit in among them. I started to cry to God from the very first year of my mission career, not because of the mission itself, but because of relationship struggles with my Christian leaders. I also struggled to relate with the local people I was supposed to serve. I didn't want to share my struggle with friends, because if I shared it with them, it showed them my shame. So I had kept all this in my mind and struggled alone for 14 years. I became isolated, full of stress and pain; and my body was getting weak. All that I could do was seek God and turn to the Bible. I once read the Bible 10 times in a year, cover to cover; some days I read the Word five or even 10 hours - never even leaving my home.

    Finally, one of my dear friends introduced me to the Isaiah 61 ministry. It was the best present ever in my life! I spent several hours with the I-61 prayer team. After they reviewed my family tree and my personal life in detail, I finally burst into tears and cried out. It was starting point that the Holy Spirit worked within me through the prayers of these Godly people. They helped me to break free from my painful past, trauma and fears. After that first session God has continued working within me even more with my I-61 family (Covenant Community). I have learned to open myself to people and cast out my fears that had been coiled like a snake deep in my heart.

    Before I was afraid to meet people, especially Christian leaders, due to my past trauma, and I made myself a jail that had invisible bars. I am now healed by God's power through the big help of my I-61 family. They were ready to listen and ready to pray for me, and they kept reminding me what Jesus did so that I could discover God's image within me. My life is totally changed since I met I-61, and now I live happily every day. I thank God and my I-61 family again." A woman from Korea.

  • "I am overly blessed by the ministry you have brought to my life. I am a new person in the Lord and know where my future is… with God. Love and blessings."A woman in Rockingham County, Virginia.

  • "May I share this with you? As I've been going through not just one or two sessions, but this season of deliverance, I realize that it's a means, but not the ends. The end goal is (more of) Jesus, and deliverance is the means to be clean and free to pursue Him wholeheartedly, to worship and love Him without limits. After I had finished my full prayer session, I just felt somehow not satisfied, not because the session was not successful, but rather because now there is a deep hunger in me to know Him, to seek Him for who He is, not because of anything He can do for me. And now I really appreciate your words counseling me about settling down and starting all over again seeking Jesus. Thank you so much!" A woman in Hanoi.

  • Dear mom and dad (Ford). How can I say adequately what I want to say? I don't think words can do justice to the magnitude of thankfulness that God gave me this year of discipleship with your leadership. I only wish I had joined the (I-61) family sooner! I have been profoundly touched by your investment in my life. Thank you being willing to be poured out like a drink offering on the altar for the strengthening of my faith and that of my Isaiah 61 brothers and sisters. You both have been used by the Lord to change my life and my faith forever – I feel like my life really began to come together after joining I-61, and I am not the same as I was. Thank you for your parental love, concern and even correction. I have needed it, cherished it and blossomed because of it. I rejoice now, knowing my name is written in heaven (see Luke 10:20.) I bless you both as you run your race, eyes trained on the prize. All my love." A former missionary to S. E. Asia.

  • "Dear (spiritual) mom and dad. It always made me move to tears whenever I look back and be amazed at how Jesus brought you into my life, and, later, our lives (with my husband). I cannot imagine without you where I would end up. A friend and I have often said that without mom and dad and I-61, we could have given up on our faith long time ago. I might not express enough my love and thanks to you, but every day for every moment that I appreciate the happiness and joy I have with my husband in the Lord, I always think of you with deep deep gratitude. We love you soooo much!"A young married couple in Danang

  • "I love you and greatly value your input into my life. I'm so thankful for your ministry that is continuing to bring new levels of freedom and the presence of Jesus in my life. Love and prayers."A woman in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

  • "Recently I was chatting with a newly-arrived missionary from the USA. I told her that, if the only reason I came here (three years ago) was to receive my own deliverance, it was all worth it. "A missionary in South East Asia.

  • "I want to tell you that something has happened inside me. I realized last night that for the first time I can feel love. It is like my heart is starting to blossom! Thank you so much for praying for me. "A woman in Vietnam.

  • "I continue to do well. It is so wonderful to be enjoying life again, free of depression, and, more importantly, free of the fear of depression. I am totally off all medication now and that is another whole story in itself. "A woman in Virginia.

  • "In 2009 I had the privilege of meeting Holly and Roger Ford. I had gone to see them for deliverance from strongholds and trauma that I was trying to deal with. Before learning about Isaiah 61 Ministries I never thought the things I went through in my life or the negative things I said about myself or did to myself had anything to do with demons. During my life I had gone through different types of abuse. Some of it was self-inflicted, both verbal and physical, because I was going through so much emotional hurt and pain. After deliverance I still had one demon that would not leave me alone but I kept praying and it finally left me.

    It has now been five years since my deliverance and I feel so free. My best friends who knew me before my deliverance have also said they see a change in me. I'm much happier. I still have days where I might get upset or discouraged but I pray about it and talk to a friend instead of trying to hurt myself like I used to. Thoughts like that and other negative thoughts don't even cross my mind like they used to. I don't blame myself anymore for the things people did to me that hurt me. I have not forgotten my past and what I went through but it's not that often things come back to my mind. When something from my past that hurt me comes to my mind I no longer feel angry or hurt by it. Deliverance is real and Jesus has set me free!" A woman in Northern Virginia.

  • "It has been a great blessing for us to live the life of a married couple these weeks after our deliverances. We no longer have trouble reading and understanding God's Word, and that gives us the strength needed for our daily lives.

    I would like to share two incidents where I had a chance to exercise the spiritual authority God has given me to protect my wife. One time when we were in the middle of devotions, she had a severe allergy attack. I prayed for healing and the attack stopped immediately!

    The second time was more serious. One night my wife had a nightmare and she felt like an evil spirit had entered her through something she touched that was unclean (see 2 Corinthians 6:17). When I prayed and tested the spirit (like you taught me), it manifested. I commanded the spirit to leave her, but it would not leave and was begging to stay (not in words but by shaking her head). I recalled learning from you that we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us. The moment I asked the Holy Spirit to help and commanded in the name of Jesus, the spirit left her, and I felt the power of the Lord running through me! That feeling was the same as I first experienced when we were at your place, and you explained that I, as the husband, was head of my household, and you taught me how to command spirits to leave my wife in Jesus' name!

    After our deliverances we did some traveling, and, as soon as we entered a new place, we prayed for God's protection and consecration of the space where we would stay. We also met some new friends. One of them said that she was so glad to observe us and see how we take care of each other. She said that she does not see that very often in couples these days. It was a great encouragement, because we know that our love and marriage can only work and be real when we have been set free by God! May God bless you all." A man in Virginia Beach.

  • "I was born and raised in a Christian family. We attended church together every Sunday, but my spiritual life was empty. Going to church was just a habit, like eating three meals every day.

    At the age of 18, I developed a serious problem with my kidneys. I used medicine but it did not help at all. A pastor prayed for my healing, but I did not receive anything because at that time I did not believe in the power of God. I had read the Bible a lot and knew the stories of miracles and of Jesus healing people. But I thought these were just fairy stories and I did not believe they were true.

    In 2009 I joined a Bible class taught by a teacher who had studied with Isaiah 61 Ministries. He spoke about Jesus' ministry of healing and deliverance. I received a ministry application, but still not believing, I just brought it home and forgot about it.

    A year later I discovered that I had developed Hepatitis B. There were 48 million virus of hepatitis B in my liver and the liver enzyme was really high. The doctor advised that I needed to follow a strict medication treatment. I took the medicine for one year, but it was so expensive and my family was so poor that I had to stop taking it. I was desperate.

    Two years later I received another invitation to have deliverance prayers and this time I said, "YES!" After that first day of prayer I had several follow-ups and joined the I-61 Covenant Community (weekly small group). After three months I went to see the doctor for a check-up. The virus and the enzyme of my liver had returned to normal! Recently I had my Hepatitis B virus and the liver enzyme checked again and I am still healed. I am very happy and now I really believe in power of God. I would like to thank God and everyone in Isaiah 61 for helping me a lot. May God bless you all." A woman in S. E. Asia.

  • "I heard about Jesus when I was in college (in China). However, I did not really grow because the Bible was hard to understand and reading it made me sleepy. Also, I did not like to listen to preaching because it was boring and I would fall asleep. So I tried to avoid listening to teaching by volunteering to help with the children at church. Recently I joined the Isaiah 61 ministry and received deliverance prayers. A few weeks later I was invited to attend their International Conference. I was worried that it would be boring and I would fall asleep, like usual. However, I did not feel sleepy at all. I was very excited to listen to everything all day long. I wrote everything down so fast that it was almost like I recorded the teaching!" A young woman from China.

  • "Isaiah 61's Kingdom Living study was a good shot in the arm for our marriage. The study helped us focus on real issues in our marriage that either we were blind to, or had accepted and tolerated. It also helped us to realign our personal lives and our marriage to the standards that God desires us to have. In particular, I was chastised by the way I had not led my family as I should. And my wife was humbled to realize that she had not submitted to my leadership as taught in scripture. Finally, the sharing of the couples in the group helped us to relax and open up when we realized that we are all on the same journey towards obedience to His word. We recommend this study for all couples, not just those who think that their marriages need help, but also those who feel relatively satisfied with their marriages." A missionary couple from Singapore.

    "Words cannot express my gratitude for your willingness to be used by Him in this incredible ministry. For the first time, ever, I can look into the mirror and see myself as He does. I have never known such clarity of mind or joy in my heart. I still feel a bit shocked, like the tree that just got uprooted, but His joy is growing with my freedom. I would love to be a ministry partner in whatever ways you have need." A missionary to S. E. Asia who was raised on the mission field in Indonesia.

  • "I want to testify that God has been faithful in my life and has set me free from many things! I have not felt completely swamped and overwhelmed with life since our prayer time; I used to experience this almost daily. I don't feel something PUSHING me to go faster, to do more. That driven feeling is gone! Whenever anxiety tries to suffocate me, I remember that, "No, Christ has set me free from this," and I'm able to take charge in the Name of Jesus of those stifling fears and worries. I feel no need for the medication that was prescribed for me. I've also experienced healing from all of the memories connected to [people] that had caused me great suffering.

    I see a difference, too, in how I approach my view of singleness. I'm still hoping, trusting and praying that God will bring a special man into my life, but I'm not constantly pining and aching for him. I sense God's love and His presence daily. I'm so excited about sharing my story with others and the Lord has been bringing people into my life that need Him. It's so beautiful to be able to share His hope and to REALLY believe that Jesus cares and that His power is real today! Thanks so much, you have been a tremendous blessing in my life." A woman in Harrisonburg, Va.

  • "How do mere words thank you enough for all that you have done through Him for me? For the first time in my life, I can begin to see what it means to call on the name of the Lord with a pure heart. I've been enlightened, encouraged, and a new hope has sprung up within me. (I pray,) 'Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the digging up and around the roots (of my life) that I might be called a tree of righteousness! (See Isaiah 61:3.)

    It has been a week now since being delivered and it feels so good. I'm thinking much more clearly; He is teaching me about mercy. I love this! Thank you again for taking the time to minister to me. My testimony is something I cannot hide from others. In sharing with my niece, she has become very thirsty for deliverance as well. She is searching out your website and has already got the application. She is on fire for the Lord and wants to be cleansed to further her relationship with Jesus. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms. I love you very much." An Elder from Montana, USA.

  • "Thank you for the love and support. Your ministry was a catalyst for me to seek out the truth about God's power to heal and deliver and the reality of the power we are called to battle. I was set free from so much oppression from the past. Thank you." A missionary serving Youth With A Mission.

  • "The first time I heard about deliverance I was a bit sceptical about the idea of having evil spirits in me. It sounded really scary that invisible things can have such a power over us. I started to be more interested in the subject and read books and listened to tapes. Also, as part of pre-marital counselling, the counsellors suggested that I go through deliverance. Going through all this process made me realize my life was controlled by spirits, how they were sneaky and how they go on from generation to generation. Bringing things to the light was overwhelming; there were so many things to cast out and so much cleaning to do. The morning of the deliverance, I was eager to go to the prayer meeting and I felt I was going to a major surgery to remove the evil things in me. Then as the prayer went on I felt tingles in my arms and I started to move them. I felt my hands were getting really hot, like they were burning. As an engineer, (I knew) this could not be physically possible. There had to be source of heat, I was looking around for a heat generator. In fact, there is a science principle of energy conservation from an 18th century scientist Lavoisier (the father of modern chemistry): there cannot be heat generation without a heat source. It was Jesus who was releasing His power in me! The Bible says, "I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire." Matthew 3:11

    "It was incredible; the energy just kept coming out of my hands as (the evil) spirits left. After the deliverance and days after, all the doubts, the worries and (negative) tendencies I had just went away. There is a bigger battle then the one we see with our human eyes, the spiritual one is real. God is very faithful in His promises, we just have to trust Him and release Jesus' work in our lives." An engineer from Canada.

  • "Deliverance has made such a difference in our marriage. Before we were fighting a lot and even little things could set us off. Oh, if only we were taught about and received deliverance when we were first married (30 years ago!) We have also learned how to do deliverance for each other." A couple taking the Kingdom Living Workshop in Vietnam.

  • "God has been speaking to me my entire life both directly and indirectly. Sometimes I recognized His voice but usually, I did not. The "voices" in my head battled for my attention. The busyness in my brain made the Godly directions unclear. Over the course of the past few weeks, since completion of the Isaiah 61 ministry, I HAVE HEARD GOD! While completing the Isaiah 61 application, it was bothersome that the process was taking me so long. I understand it now. God had a plan of healing in the application process. I thank Him for the revelations and healings that transpired during the (ministry) process. For the first time in my life I truly care about myself. I am seeing to my health on all levels. The voices are no longer battling because the ONLY voice within is that of Jesus." A woman in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

  • "I have just eaten my second banana for lunch, which I have not been able to do for about 50 years. Praise to the Lord for the healing of my (food) allergy!" A woman in Rockingham County, Virginia.

  • "Recently my husband and I took part in a prayer time with Isaiah 61 Ministries. When I first heard about this type of ministry, I was skeptical and kind of freaked out. We determine our own destiny, we're not affected by our pasts, evil spirits can't really keep us down... right? Well, I know and love Jesus, (yet) I have struggled with fear for years and been affected by physical symptoms for the past six months. I knew my in-laws respected the ministry, so we decided to step out in faith and give this thing a try.

    We were led through three different sessions. In the first, we were asked a lot of questions about our applications, getting a sense of our pasts and ancestors, our struggles, our experiences, and our relationship with God. In the second session, we were led in a prayer to say "no" to the consequences of sin that had been passed down to us, or that had been our choice, and to forgive anyone we needed to. In the third session, the ministry team leader prayed calmly and firmly over any evil spirits that may have been keeping us from living in complete freedom with Jesus. It may sound strange, but it was not a scary, weird, or "out-there" time. We experienced some very real healing (spiritually, emotionally, and physically).

    There is an order that God has created that is more important than I realized. The I-61 minister spoke about my husband's God-given authority over me and over our home. He prayed for my husband first, then asked for his permission to minister to me, and had him step in at certain times to pray. As a "thoroughly modern" woman, this can seem strange or even backwards. However, there was security in knowing that I am not in control, and that I have a protector. It was amazing to see my husband rise to confidence and God-given leadership, and there were several times when I didn't feel at peace until he was the one to pray for or against something.

    The spiritual world is real. I experienced definite release several times during our prayer time and feel more at peace this morning than I have felt in many, many years. We have authority as followers of Jesus that we rarely exercise. I had just assumed that if something bad happens to us, we become sick or struggle or get hurt, we could only beg God to act or deal with what hand we are given. This isn't true! The idea is pretty revolutionary to me. I can say "no" (because of Jesus and in the power of His name) to sin, to wrong thinking, even to pain. For example, I learned I can say, "In Jesus' name, the pain in my hand needs to stop. It has no right to be there." It still feels weird, but God has given us power as his children and through his Spirit. The early church walked this way all the time. It's a very new idea for us though, one we'll be sorting out for a long time.

    So, there it is, the best my words can describe it. I hope more than anything though, that you too would know in increasing measure the freedom that we have in Jesus, the hope we can hold on to, and the love God wants to pour out in our lives - if given the room to do so." A woman in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

  • "I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and it was also causing numbness in my hands. I had x- rays and a MRI and they called it a "degenerative disc disease." I had severe pain for three years and took medication to manage the pain. My healing started as I sat in during my husband's deliverance; then more during my personal deliverance and even more during our daughter's deliverance! The numbness in my hands is completely gone. The healing came bit by bit as I confessed my sins, dealt with my past and my bad attitudes, and things passed down to me (from ancestors). It's been nearly one year now." A North American missionary to S. E. Asia.

  • "Praise the King! No cancer and, no pain in my hips. I will read the (I-61) booklet again (to learn) how to keep this new healing. Tell (the ministry team) thanks for the prayers. No pain all day, I felt like dancing! How do I keep this healing? I will re-read the I-61 booklet (Walking Out Your Deliverance) and trust in His truth! An American teacher in China who had been suffering with chronic hip pain, and, was told by doctors that abnormal cells may be cancer (two separate conditions)." The team prayed for her over Skype from another country!

  • "The ministry was wonderful, thank you for taking the time to pray with me! I definitely felt a lifting and freeing from a lot of things! So amazing! God has been taking me on an incredible journey lately and meeting you guys for prayer and deliverance was definitely intricately planned by Him. I am so excited for all He is doing. Towards the end of my time there and after I left, I felt like I had been hit by a bus and my body ached. I came home and just slept and I felt joy in God's love for me. I have been continuing to pray that God would continue to free me from EVERYTHING, heal my body, my mind, reveal Himself and His power to me even more and I have continued to feel things leaving me! I am praying and reading the I-61 booklet and the Bible. I know God is in control and really at work in my life! I want the fullness of what He has for me! I want to be completely free/delivered from anything and everything that keeps me from the complete filling of His spirit! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!"A medical student in Israel who grew up on the mission field in Papal New Guinea.

  • "Hi, my dear friends! I have gone all day without wearing the (special support hose) and I have no pain. The pain tried to come back for a few minutes but I rebuked and forbid it and it stopped! I keep proclaiming that I am living again!" A European I-61 team member who received deliverance and healing after suffering 15 years from chronic varicose veins pain.

  • "I wanted to send along a praise report. My migraines were plaguing me every few days; if I got a respite sometimes I might go a week or so, but then got walloped. Since you prayed for me, not even a twinge of a headache. Praise God!!!! I am rushing out the door, but I wanted to acknowledge this and say 'hi'! I was just talking to my daughter about an hour ago about how my headaches are totally gone. Such an amazing blessing from the Lord after years of suffering. He is so good! I love you two and will be praying for you. So glad He brought us together, we will see what awesome things are in store! Have a glorious day." A woman in Florida.

  • "I would absolutely love for you guys to share my story! ? During one I-61 meeting the group prayed for my heart to be healed of Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT), which was making me black out all the time. Since then, I haven't passed out. Not once. It was happening every 2-3 weeks, and now it hasn't happened in over 3 months! PTL! I have a ton to be thankful for and you guys in my life are definitely close to the top of the list! I can't imagine where I would be if you guys hadn't helped me out. I love you so much and can't wait to see you again!" A woman in Canada.

  • "The Lord is so good! Last night I got rid of the medication that was holding me in bondage. I had a check in my spirit and felt the Lord was telling me I needed to deal with (certain types of drugs) that I had in the house. I understand I gave the enemy a foothold but I reclaimed the ground last night. I threw it away and asked forgiveness for not getting rid of it sooner; and then my husband prayed over me to release anything that would have held me captive. I felt so good after getting rid of it, I started laughing in JOY! God is so good! I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!" A woman in New Mexico.

  • "My parents told me about Isaiah 61 Ministries and they encouraged me to go because they had been blessed by it. Roger and Holly reminded me that God heals. He didn't just heal back in Bible times; he heals NOW. My entire life of 21 years I had food allergies and too many health problems to count; but God set me free from every single one. It is amazing!! I've never been able to eat dairy, wheat, egg and citric acid until now. It's incredible and freeing!! It's also wonderful to be free from the pain and tiredness that was always present. Thank you soooo much. Praise God that I have this testimony to give." A woman in Harrisonburg. "I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." Jeremiah 33:6

  • "For as long as I remember I felt disturbed whenever I was holding a kitchen knife. Regularly a thought would cross my mind, "Do it and it will all be over." "Do it" was the thought to put the knife in my belly or the belly of one of my relatives. I had to rebuke this thought every time. When I went through deliverance prayers the Lord revealed that these thoughts came from a curse related to my great grandfather fighting with fixed bayonets in World War I. We prayed over this event and broke the bondages and I was set free. Now I can use a kitchen knife without feeling disturbed and I can cook in peace." A French missionary in South East Asia.

  • "We've been healed! My neck had been in constant pain from arthritis since coming back to Vietnam. After deliverance my neck is totally pain free. I was also freed of fear that gripped me riding on motorbikes after having been in several accidents in Hanoi in the 90's. (My husband and I) are also experiencing greater freedom and victory in our lives." A Canadian missionary in South East Asia.

  • "When I was fifteen I received two head concussions from karate tournaments, one soon after the other, that changed my life. For the next three years I was plagued with headaches and sleeping only 3-4 hours a night. I went to many doctors who could do nothing for me. When I met with the I-61 team, I made a commitment to follow Jesus and went through deliverance and healing prayers. Since then I have had solid 7-8 hour sleeps every night and the headaches have gone all together!" An international student in Vietnam.

  • "We both had been involved in several prayer sessions with I-61, but last February was the first time we led a prayer session. I could easily recognize the miracles and witness the power of God in each deliverance session that we were involved with. But it wasn't until we led this prayer session that I fully experienced the power of God. I have always been interested in apologetics (I like facts and data). After leading the prayer session, I thought to myself, ‘wow, all those apologetics books are nothing - we just saw the power of God!’ During that session we saw that God’s power and authority is greater than anything in this universe and that everyone of us can claim that power and authority in Jesus’ name. I can now say I fully understand what Paul was speaking of when he said in 1st Corinthians 4:20, for the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. I believe that leading someone through deliverance and inner healing is the next step - it is the exclamation point to our own deliverance." An I-61 partner overseas.

  • "My wife battled very bad anxiety since she was a child. She had tried everything including anti-anxiety medications. Nothing of this world seemed to work; instead, it became worse. Finally she contacted I-61 for ministry. The change in her was amazing! The next morning we went to church and my wife began to speak aloud in tongues for the first time. This immediately convicted me and I called our ministry team to ask if I could go through deliverance too. I did not know that they had prayed that I’d see the glory of the Lord through my wife and that He would bring me for deliverance prayer next! Since then we have not been the same, our hearts have been changed and our relationship as husband and wife has become more meaningful and deep. The love we have for one another has become the way God intended. If you have not gone through deliverance you need too! It will change your life for the better and it’s something that I think all Christians should strongly consider." A couple in Harrisonburg.

  • "I was having trouble breathing every night and morning. The doctor told me I had a deviated septum. When I told my problem to my I-61 covenant community they said, "Your doctor does not know the power of God. Forgive him and trust the Lord to heal you." I did, and then they prayed for me. Something came out of my nose and throat from second-hand smoke (her family runs a karaoke business in their house). I was delivered and healed instantly. I am so healthy now and my nose is so healthy too! Hallelujah Jesus, and thank you my I-61 family!" A young woman in South East Asia.

  • "In late 2008 I became ill and was becoming increasingly tired and weak. The doctors examined and diagnosed me with leukemia, and said I had only two months to live. Our daughter (age eight) wrote a letter to the Fords and asked them to pray for me. Soon the Fords arrived in Hanoi and invited me to an Isaiah 61 prayer meeting. After they prayed for me I went back to the doctor and he said I was 'still dying, but more slowly.' I felt happy that I had longer to live. A few months later I met the Isaiah 61 team again. I said I was satisfied that I would live a little longer and did not think I should bother God to ask for more. Then they taught me that God is our Heavenly Father, and, like Earthly fathers, He wants to give His children good gifts, not just lesser bad gifts. They prayed for me again that not only would I live longer, but that I also would be completely healed. Several months later I returned to the doctor. He examined my blood and proclaimed that I am now completely free from leukemia! I praise Jesus for healing me and thank Him for sending the Isaiah-61 ministry team to pray for me." A woman in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • "Thank you so much for your wonderful hearts and dedicated service to the Lord. Your willingness to be used by Him and to do His work is a blessing and inspiring. Thank you for your guidance in my deliverance. God's love clearly shines through the both of you and I feel so blessed when in your presence. I have been doing well and am working on more self deliverance as the Lord brings things to mind. (Other I-61 community members) have been really helpful and encouraging as well. I've also gotten to share my testimony with a few people, which was a blessing for me to experience.

    I was delivered from a spirit of independence, which had a hold of me in ways I couldn't even identify - it's just how I always had been! I'm realizing now how crippling it was to me in my relationship with people and with God. I didn't know how to depend on God in the ways I needed to deep down and it was also keeping me from feeling the need for community and support in my walk with the Lord. The independent spirit was isolating me physically and emotionally from God and people, and I am free from that now! Thank you again for all of your support, encouragement and guidance." An American missionary in South East Asia.

  • "We just want to say a BIG thank you for your love and blessings you poured into us. We thank God for your faithfulness in serving Him and thus having touched lives, including ours. We will remember you in our prayers and ask that you too will remember us as we strive to seek His Truth and live in freedom and experience all that our good God has to offer of Himself." A family from Malaysia.

  • "I started going through the steps for self-deliverance. Deliverance is just as real going through it by yourself as it is when someone like Roger is taking you through the steps. I was able to repent, renounce and break agreement with the demons, and tell them to leave and go to the dry place where Jesus will (deal with) them. I called specific things out. I also dealt with the demons that bring the UGBs (ungodly beliefs). I feel like God is fighting my battle. While going through the (self) deliverance process tonight the tears fell just like they did when I went through deliverance with you all. I'm claiming freedom. Thank you all for your friendship and prayers. I am praying for you." A woman in Northern Virginia.

  • "I continue to have a fabulous time in the Word since we dealt with the Freemason spirit connected to my life. I don't even know how to describe how radically different it is for me to read the Word now. It's so rich and exciting! I love it!" A missionary to South East Asia.

  • "I wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am for the prayer counseling and deliverance I went through at your place. I think now (six months later) I am really seeing the fruit of the freedom. I have no anger or rage with (my daughter). I see a different child than I did before. She has changed completely too. I think partly that was because of her (deliverance) but also because she is reacting to the change in me. We have such a loving close relationship that we strived for before but didn't fully have . I really thought that would be impossible given how we related to one another before. Each day we spend time on reading, writing or math and there isn't any conflict. I am really surprised.

    I also haven't had any new outbreaks of (a chronic physical condition). I just realized that recently when I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet. My husband and I are doing great too! I just primarily wanted to email you about my daughter because it's more surprising to me. Thank you again so much for the time and love you invested in us." A missionary to South East Asia

  • "Before God showed me His supernatural power, I had always frowned upon the teachings of demons, spiritual warfare, deliverance, exorcism, etc. These teachings looked to me as nothing but stupid and even dangerous tactics devised by some fanatic fundamentalists to intimidate non-believers and brainless believers alike. Praise the Lord, as the whole cleansing process took place in me, right before my eyes, I just couldn't deny the existence of evil spirits anymore. Neither could I ignore the fact that God loves me so much that He wanted me to be completely free. As the demons were cast out, I was gradually healed and my faith and love for Jesus grew significantly.

    I am so grateful that the Lord our Heavenly Father sent me the prayer team of Isaiah 61 ministries, who brought my faith, love for Jesus, and understanding of spiritual warfare to a whole new level. The team, consisting of five people, was so encouraging, patient, and experienced. They spent hours praying for me and carefully going through the details of my life and identified the main source of the manifestations: inherited curses of my ancestors' sins. This identification came as a shock to me as I never gave a thought to my ancestors' sins and, apparently, (how those sins opened the door to) evil spirits. (The spirits) struggled . and then tried to fight back. But our God is an Almighty God, nothing is impossible with him. He tramples all the enemies to set his children free! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! As a beneficiary of the Isaiah 61 ministries, I will keep you in my prayer. May God abundantly bless you and use you to set more people free." A graduate student from Taiwan

  • "I'm doing great these days spiritually; I still cannot imagine how great influence the deliverance prayer had on my life! It has been half a year, yet what happened that day is still very vivid in my mind. God has really drawn me closer to Him day by day. It is true that temptation is still around but I now have confidence and faith in God that He can deliver me (and He has been doing that!) Thank you so much for your ministry!" A college student in Korea

  • "I am so thankful to God that He sent you to deliver me. Your deliverance ministry really freed me from the power of darkness and gave me room to grow. Since then I have experienced peace and growth in my daily life. I will continue to pray that God will prepare and shape me according to His will so that I will be able to glorify His name on Earth." A woman in Trinidad

  • "I was born into a Christian family, but, though I claimed to be a Christian, I didn't really have a Christian life. I committed a lot of sins and didn't understand about the spiritual world. Recently I had a chance to meet the I-61 ministry team. I was surprised when hearing about the deliverance ministry. After they shared, I acknowledged that I had been tormented by some demonic powers for so long. There were many days and nights I kept asking God to set me free from sins that I did repeatedly. I wanted to win the temptation but there was something inside me so powerful that always defeated me. I felt extremely hopeless. Therefore, I registered for the deliverance prayer of I-61 ministry, hoping to be set free. Now I know that was one of the best decisions ever in my life.

    The meeting was almost 5 hours long and I experienced things that I will never forget. I broke all the agreements that I had made with demons and I spoke out loud that I devoted my life to Jesus and asked Him to forgive all my sins. Actually I had spoken those words a lot of times before, but during this prayer meeting I finally understood what the words meant. After I declared God's holy ownership of me, the demons had no choice but to go out. Each time a demon left my body it made me shake and groan. There were times I could hear mocking laughs from my throat although I didn't intend to laugh. I experienced the spiritual war between Jesus and the demons. The demons were indeed really smart and dangerous. However, the authority of the Lord was much more powerful so they all had to get out me. After the meeting was finished I felt my body was so clean and empty and I've been inviting more of God into my life to fulfill the empty spaces which the demons left." A college student in Seoul, Korea.

  • "Things have been falling into place. I read my Bible and find it hard to put down. My friends see a huge change in me and I want to please God to show appreciation for what He has done for me. I feel safer on the streets and feel someone is with me all the time. I can't stop laughing - I have a new kind of happiness that is sincere. I just want to be like Jesus. Holly and Roger, I was skeptical at first but I soon realized it was for real. I can't thank you enough for what has happened to me through your ministry." A woman in Trinidad

  • "I don't even know how to describe to you how I am feeling today. This is the first day in my whole life that I can remember, walking in PEACE and FREEDOM and JOY. Satan had me bound and confused. PRAISE GOD!!!! I am so FREE!!!!

    I called a dear friend who has been walking with me in the Lord for 22 years. She was shouting praises to the Lord because she has always known there were powerful forces in the spirit world over me and yet could not understand why. Her husband is a pastor and they want to know more!!! (My husband) was not sure if you could really cast out demons and all of that stuff. He does not doubt now!

    I had no idea that I had so much bondage on my life!!! I am so sore and tired today. I feel like I have run a marathon. I cannot even describe how wonderful today is. This is so awesome!!! I want everyone to be freed!!!!!

    I keep thanking the Lord . I keep thanking him that you were obedient to His will for your deliverance work!!! I would not have known freedom, on this earth, if you had not started doing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Praise The Lord!!! I know this sounds silly but I feel almost like I was just born!!!" A woman in Harrisonburg, Va.

  • "Our first night back (after receiving deliverance prayers) we had a really bad night, (our young girls were) crying and we had turmoil throughout the night. (After our prayers with you) we were more aware of the source of the disturbance, that is, it is not only physical. We did use some of the tools you gave us over the disruptive crying; my husband prayed over the crying and right after that it stopped and we had peace! We really appreciate the time we spent with you so much!" A missionary couple to S. E. Asia.

  • "I wanted to tell you my miracle.  I was healed!  You remember you prayed for me about my fears?  My many fears?  You chased them away and I was immediately healed.  The next day I knew right then that I was free and I remain so!" A Vietnamese pastor's wife.

  • "January of 2007 I heard a talk about personal deliverance & generational curses. I remember knowing that I was to spend time with them (I-61 ministry team). I was truly amazed by the things that occurred (when we met.)

    That was the starting point of many changes in my life. Things came up that I had never addressed with others & many things came out of me. After the meeting we talked and they prayed for me again. Even over the phone there were some things that were forced to release their grip on my life. ; Thus began a process of change an encounter with freedom & a joy that I am scarcely able to truly put into words.

    The comparison of who I was to who I am now is incomprehensible to those who knew me before & still know me today. They have literally asked questions like “Who are you & what did you do with my sister?” or “What has Vietnam done to you? You are not the one who left.”  They're right. I'm not the friend they've always known & I'm rather quick to tell them ‘I'm free & I'm walking in freedom.’  I had to come to a place of release, a place of forgiveness and beyond all else (I have experienced) deliverance.

    I am blessed to have the privilege of knowing Roger & Holly. I am grateful to call them my friends & mentors. I am learning about deliverance, reading, researching & discovering the truth of it from His Word.  I am forever grateful for the role that I-61 Ministry plays in my life." A teacher in Vietnam.

  • "After experiencing God's power through (deliverance), my life is changing.  I know the Lord has called me to a total new ministry that my grandfather and my father (both pastors) did not have.  I just cast out a spirit of death from a young girl in my church.  Two times she had tried to kill herself.  We now are ministering inner healing for her.  I read the books you gave me and God helped me to set her free.  Praise the Lord!!  Our God is so wonderful.  More people are coming to ask me to pray now.  I need your guidance, (uncle and aunt).  More than anything, I need your prayer.  Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see to you again." A pastor in Vietnam.

  • "We want to reiterate what a wonderful (shocking, but wonderful) experience it was to go through (deliverance) with you on Saturday. (My husband) has told his family about it and they are impressed.  His sister doesn't want to burn joss sticks anymore, and his father said he is thinking of stopping… at least this is making them think.  (My husband) is really happy... really, really a changed man. I'm so glad we did what we did; I would've never known had it not been for your teaching. We are very grateful.  I know you don't charge for your work, but we hope sometime in the future to be able to bless your ministry as you have blessed us. Our eyes are really open now!" A teacher in Vietnam.

  • "I truly thank the Lord for bringing me to learn and to experience amazing things…Your workshop opened my eyes to alert the scheme of devil.  I am at war. And I am ready to fight in the battle with Satan. I must be a warrior of the Lord… (Later the following week) It was just amazing, beyond my imagination when seeing demons coming out. I was really fighting with them. Some of the members of the church had helped me in fighting that lasted even 3 hours.  Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! To God be the glory!  Please pray for me because everything about this ministry is new.  The Lord has put me in the battle after meeting you. I know that this is happening in God's plan. I thank the Lord for sending me to see you, helping my eyes open wide. I miss both of you.  We will be in touch in prayer, in the Spirit and in via email.  May the Lord richly bless you!" A pastor in Vietnam.

  • "Last Saturday was such an amazing day. You know, how much more peaceful I am, how much more fresh I am, how much more free I am. Everything happened in such an overwhelming way that I was almost sleepless that night.  I miss you, your kindness, your love, and particularly the faithfulness that inspired me so deeply. Thank you for the seed you raise in me." A student in Vietnam set free from the bondage of a horoscope prepared by a fortune teller when she was a baby. She burned the document with our assistance.

  • "By the grace of God, I was brought to I-61 Ministry and was released from the demonic (activity) in me.  I am no longer struggling with lust and unclean thoughts – they are completely gone from me!" A man in Vietnam.

  • "I am compelled to write y’all this email at this moment because my Bible verse of the day was from Isaiah 61:1-3.  God was reminding me to take some time to remember you and thank you for the influences you have had on my life!  God shines out of each of you and I am always inspired to be more like Christ.  Your obedience to God challenges me to live the separate life where it would be impossible to identify myself as anything other than first and foremost, a daughter of God. I have been doing so well!  I feel as if His spirit is overflowing; that when I think of His love for me, it is almost like I cannot bear it, I cannot hold it all inside my heart or inside my head.  At these moments, there is no denying how real God is, all I want to do is tell everyone I know about Him!  God is definitely starting a revolution up here and I want to be a part of it.  I was wondering if you could send me that PowerPoint on Spiritual Warfare that you showed us because I am discipling two lovely ladies interested in this topic." A college student in Syracuse.

  • "I wanted you to know that I have been set free from the need for the prescription I had been using.  I had attempted to stop using it about a week before we met, and ended up with a terrible headache.  Since our meeting I have stopped using it, and have not needed it since!  Just wanted you to know that God is at work and I’m praising Him for setting me free!" A pastor in Harrisonburg.

  • "I really believe in this ministry the LORD has called you to.  I pray this will be multiplied 100 fold, like the fishes and loaves." A woman in Harrisonburg.

  • "Before my deliverance I threw my cigarettes away to let God know I was serious.  During the prayer time I was set free from addictions and bondages.  I had been diagnosed with bi-polar and manic depression (two different doctors) and took Clonipin and Lithium for many years. I want to praise the LORD because I have been free from smoking and have not used my prescription medications for 3 1/2 months.  My mind is clear and I feel better than I have felt in years." A man in Harrisonburg

  • "I want to praise Jesus that I was delivered from sleep apnea (a medical diagnosis) and dependence on Ambien (prescription sleep medication).  After our prayer time I went home and unhooked my C-Pap machine and put it away.  I have not used it or taken Ambien since and I am sleeping fine!  I have not been waking up due to frequent suffocations like before.  My wife also knows I am better because I am not waking her up all the time!" A man in Rockingham County, Virginia

  • "I am so full today with tears, but only because of His goodness and mercy towards me. I have been so blessed since being delivered.  I never realized the bondage I was in.  Thank you for listening to His call for your life and helping me.  I know it is Him all the way, but you are the vessels that He uses." A woman from Harrisonburg

  • "I wanted to thank you again …, the time we spent together will be with us forever.  We went to the bookstore and bought 3 of the books [you recommended].  I have been doing well with what I have learned and have even experienced more of what we accomplished at your home.  I was pleasantly surprised, and very grateful, and in awe." A woman from CT

  • "I can't begin to express what a blessing from Jesus you and your ministry have been to me… It gives me hope, strength, and faith.  I am so much more whole now and am looking forward to being used by God.  Thanks and God bless you." A man from CT

  • "I have needed reading glasses since 2000.  Since going through deliverance last summer (2006) I haven't needed to use my glasses! Praise God!  This is not something I'd prayed for, it just happened. My eyes have improved tremendously." A woman in Harrisonburg

  • "My overall stress levels have greatly reduced!  I have a new level of peace about many things.  Since the deliverance I've found it much easier to read the Bible... I have also been purchasing books on various Christian subject matter, and I have found a new hunger to learn all I can!  I feel free of so much and my heart does not hurt anymore.  I praise God for that trip to Virginia." A woman in New York State.

  • "Since deliverance from spirits of infirmities my hay fever and allergies have been healed.  I go outside, take deep breaths, and praise Jesus without wheezing!" A man in Rockingham County.

  • "…(the deliverance ministry was) “a painful and exhausting process and I am well aware that there is still work to be done… your ministry is of The Father and as draining as it may be at times, The Father is honored through it.  Thank You." A missionary in Asia.

  • "WOW!!!!! There are simply No Words to describe my prayer time with Isaiah 61 ministries!!!  The scales of deception are no longer on my eyes. It is so much easier to identify and battle things on the outside rather than on the inside.  When you have lived for so long with these thoughts or "voices" on the inside you come to believe they are you, when in reality they are not you but the enemy, masquerading as you. Now I know the Truth.  Jesus has set me free from more than I could imagine!  I love Him so much and give Him all the praise and honor for my freedom in so many areas.   I thank God for (the I-61 Board) and their obedience to answer the mighty call to head up Isaiah 61. My Redeemer Lives and His Name is Jesus!!!" A woman from Harrisonburg.

  • "I received my deliverance on a Saturday morning.  The next day in church during worship time, singing praises to the Lord was completely different. Even though the songs were the same, I was able to sing them with a new freedom and experience a much deeper level of worship. I was released from the spiritual junk that had been robbing me of joy and distracting me from being close to Jesus." A woman from Bridgewater.

  • "Over the years, my wife and I have both been through Neil Anderson's Freedom In Christ and the Cleansing Streams programs.  While each one was very beneficial to our Christian walk, neither one delivered the deeply impacting changes that we experienced through Isaiah-61 Ministries.  We will be forever grateful to I-61 for their sacrifice and obedience to follow God's call to help produce a Church (the Body) "without spot or wrinkle" Retail business owners, Harrisonburg.

  • "Before receiving deliverance I had much difficulty sleeping.  I had frequent nightmares and I would get up throughout the night every 2-3 hours. I could not lie on my back for more than 10-15 minutes at a time because I would have such difficulty breathing.  I thank God for (this ministry) coming into my life.  Since receiving deliverance I do not have any more nightmares.  I can sleep through the night for 6-8 hours.  I can now sleep on my back as much as two hours at a time with no difficulty breathing.  What a blessing these changes have made in my life (and my husband's!)  The tiredness I once felt from all my sleep disorders is gone, praise the LORD!" A woman from Harrisonburg.

  • "I am so, so grateful for you and for the release I experienced…  I still can hardly believe the difference in the way I felt when I came in your home, to the way I felt when I left.  No one would have been able to convince me that it would be possible.  Only Jesus (knew) and He kept it for a special surprise…  Have a great weekend.  I am!!!  Thanks to you, through whom the Lord mightily works." A woman from Harrisonburg who was set free from depression.

  • "I must tell you [after prayers] our marriage is really great!  Being with you has made all the difference in our relationship.  We praise God it is indeed a miracle!" Couple from Harrisonburg married over 40 years.

  • "Mental illness started affecting me in 1993 after a relative died who was affected by mental illness.  At that time I was a strong Christian and actively involved in my church.  Eventually the mental illness started interfering with my life.  I was hearing voices that were not God and suffering from delusions.  Activities of daily living became hard to do.  For example, I lost my desire to cook and I had to make myself take a shower.  I became a loner and only left the house if I really had to go somewhere. Between 2001 and the first half of 2006 the Lord did serious inner healing in me, but something was still wrong with me.  In August 2006 the Lord revealed to me that I was schizophrenic while I was reading a book about deliverance.  Suddenly everything made sense to me.  I knew what my problem was.  In October 2006 I was delivered of schizophrenia, other mental illnesses, and many familiar spirits.   All of the “junk thoughts” that were inside my head are gone.  I am living life again!  I have hope whereas before everything seemed hopeless.  I am free and free indeed!" A registered nurse from Harrisonburg.

  • "I no longer feel as if I want to be committed to a mental institution.  Prior to deliverance I couldn't find that real personal relationship with the Lord that I had previously experienced.  I was tormented by thoughts that God had left me.  But I now know that Satan was feeding that lie to me.  He was stealing my joy.  After deliverance, I am aware of those lies and am instead choosing to believe God's truths.  I am free." A woman from Harrisonburg.

  • "Crazy as it may sound, since my deliverance (from many occult spirits), I don't have conversations in my head anymore." A woman from Rockingham County.

  • "I have found II Cor. 10:3-5 to be so life giving since my deliverance experience.  Truly we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.  They have the divine power to demolish strongholds.  We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  I have learned to take every thought captive on my journey to abundant living.  When I confess and surrender, I immediately walk in peace and blessing." A woman from Rockingham County.

  • "I grew up in church and was born again in 1984.  However, since my deliverance from a spirit of unbelief, it is as if lights came on for the first time.  My understanding of scripture, prayer time, and worship are all open, free, and centered on Jesus." A man from Rockingham County.

  • "Although I gave my life to Christ many years ago, I was still walking in sin and living a life of deception brought on by a soul tie.  My deliverance broke the emotional stronghold that Satan had on me.  I am now free to fellowship with my God." A man from Harrisonburg.

  • "Even though I’m a seasoned traveler, for some reason (perhaps spiritual warfare) I developed a terrible fear of air turbulence. I asked the Ford’s to pray for me. Now I’m able to fly completely free of fear." A woman missionary in Indonesia.

  • "My father was a Shriner in the Masonic Lodge.  A heavy cloud was lifted from my mind thanks to deliverance." A woman from Rockingham County.

  • "I carried grief since I abruptly lost my father in a car accident at age 15.  When I went through deliverance, I was set free from it.  Now after 59 years, I can finally speak to people about my father without crying." A man from Harrisonburg.

  • "Before I received deliverance, I had much difficulty with comprehension and concentration. I would hear voices in my mind, especially when reading the Bible.  Since my deliverance (from many witchcraft and other Occult spirits), my comprehension and concentration has exploded and my memory has sharpened.  Now it is easy to memorize scripture.  After being delivered my mind became so much clearer.  I am so grateful to Roger and Holly for the patience, love, and time they gave me.  I thank God for their obedience to God’s call on their lives.  I am now free and free indeed!" A woman from Harrisonburg.

  • "Aside from the day I received Salvation and the day I got married, getting delivered was the best thing that has happened to me." A woman from Harrisonburg.

  • "By opening the dark areas in my life to the light of Jesus, I feel I can effectively pray for my family - my wife and children.  I am experiencing the freedom of being able to trust God with all the areas of my life.  My faith is increasing and my desire to stay in God's word is growing." A man from Rockingham County.

  • "I was released from demonic strongholds of shame and guilt that were robbing me from happiness and a close walk with the LORD." A man from Harrisonburg.

  • "My arm (rotator cuff) was severely injured many years ago.  Doctors told me “you have to learn to live with it as it was.”  The day of my deliverance my "torn arm" was suddenly healed and now I have full movement.  Praise Jesus!" A man from Harrisonburg.


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