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I-61 Leadership Council 2018-19

The Isaiah 61 Leadership Council members were re-elected to serve for 2018-2019 during the regular meeting of the Council in September.

I-61 Leadership Council 2017

L-R: Steve Hostetter, Jim Eby, Elbert Detwiler, Clayton Shenk, Jeff Claflin, Holly & Roger Ford

In September 2016, the Isaiah 61 Leadership Council and spouses met at The Refuge for an evening of food and fellowship. At the end of the evening the officers and council members were re-appointed to serve for 2017. We deeply appreciate our council members for their support and many years of service to Jesus through Isaiah 61 Ministries!

I-61 Leadership Council 2016

Row 1: Holly & Roger Ford; Row 2: Dorothy & Clayton Shenk; Back Row: Steve & Maria Hostetter, Jim & Rita Eby, Anna Mae & Elbert Detwiler, Gayle & Jeff Claflin

The Isaiah 61 Ministries leadership council met on August 12, 2015 for an evening of food, fellowship, and worship at The Refuge. During the evening the Council also reviewed the current activities and finances of the ministry and appointed officers for 2016.

Since the ministrys founding 10 years ago, we have benefited from the faithful leadership of many Godly men and women who have supported our work with their prayers, service and financial gifts. They have also provided countless hours of counsel and prayer support as we have helped hundreds of people find freedom in Jesus through healing and deliverance prayers. Thank you to all our council members, past and present, for your service to Jesus through Isaiah 61 Ministries.

I-61 Leadership Council 2015

In September 2014 the Isaiah 61 Ministries Council and their spouses enjoyed an evening of fellowship, worship and prayer at The Refuge. We also reviewed the highlights of what Jesus has done through the ministry during the past year and reconfirmed our Council Members and officers for the next 12 months.

Front, L-R, Dorothy Shenk, Holly Ford, Gayle Claflin, Maria Hostetter, Anna Mae Detwiler. Back, L-R, Clayton Shenk, Roger Ford, Jeff Claflin, Steve Hostetter and Elbert Detwiler

We deeply appreciate and give thanks for your service to Jesus through Isaiah 61 Ministries!

I-61 Elects Council for 2013-2014

Holly, Roger, Steve, Elbert, Jeff & Clayton

Isaiah 61 Ministries is governed by a Church Council, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and following our founding Declaration and By Laws. Council Members serve three year terms and officers are appointed annually. Continuing in their roles are Elbert Detwiler (Chairman), Clayton Shenk (Secretary), Steve Hostetter (At-Large), Holly Ford (Treasurer), and Roger Ford (Minister and Overseer).

This year we added a new Councilman At-Large, Jeff Claflin. Jeff and his wife Gayle have served with Isaiah 61 Ministries since 2010, beginning in Georgia, then a year in Vietnam, and now in New York State. Their relationship with the Fords go back even further, as Jeff invited Roger to his first Bible study when they were both 19 year old college students. Welcome, Jeff, and thank you to all our Council Members for your service to Isaiah 61 Ministries!

Isaiah 61 Elects Leadership Council

In September 2011 Isaiah 61 elected its Council members for the 2011-2012 year. In addition to re-affirming all current members, Steve Hostetter was elected to a three-year term, effective immediately. Thank you all for your service to Isaiah 61 Ministries.


From left, Clayton Shenk, Steve Hostetter, Roger Ford,
Rick Slater, Holly Ford and Elbert Detwiler

2011 Leadership Council:

In November 2010 Isaiah 61 Ministries elected its Leadership Council for 2011 during our Annual Meeting. The Council consists of Elbert Detwiler, Chairman, , Holly Ford, Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Ford, Minister and Overseer, Clayton Shenk and Rick Slater, members at large. Thank you for your service!

I-61 Reorganizes

In 2010, after much prayer and deliberation, the I-61 Board of Directors decided to reorganize our ministry under the legal designation of church, rather than charity. This decision was based on our becoming a network of house fellowships (covenant communities), and, other factors. The new Isaiah 61 Ministries (same name without the “inc.”) was chartered on June 30, 2010. We have the same website, leadership and mailing address. If you would like more information please contact us at mail@I-61Ministries.org.

I-61’s Board of Directors (2010):

Isaiah 61 Ministries elected its Board of Directors for 2010 during our Annual Meeting in December. The Board consists of Elbert Detwiler, Chairman, Clayton Shenk, Secretary, Holly Ford, Treasurer, Roger Ford, Executive Director, Doug Phillips and Rick Slater, members at large. Thank you for your service!

Board of Directors 2010

Seated: Roger & Holly Ford;
Standing: Doug Phillips, Rick Slater, Elbert Detwiler & Clayton Shenk

Shirley Luce Retires from the Board

On June 14, 2009, Shirley and Bob Luce were honored by the I-61 Board of Directors for their service to the ministry.  They were pioneers in helping launch I-61 and have been faithful supporters from the beginning through their encouragement, counsel, and serving as prayer team members.  Shirley was also a founding member of our Board of Directors.  Chairman Elbert Detwiler thanked Shirley for her service to the board and said that her wise counsel will be deeply missed.

Shirley Retires 14 June 2009

I-61 Chairman Elbert DetwilerhonorstheLuces

Annual Meeting Re-Elects BoD:

On December 6, 2008, the Isaiah 61 Ministries board of directors (BoD) and their spouses met for our traditional combination Annual Meeting & Christmas Dinner at the home of BoD Secretary Clayton and Mrs. Dorothy Shenk. The wonderful home-cooked bill of fare was followed by a time of sharing, prayer, caroling, and a reading of the Christmas story. At the end of the evening the current BoD was unanimously re-elected to serve through 2009. Isaiah 61 Ministries is grateful to the Lord for giving us wise counsel through our board.

I-61 Board Photo '08-09

2009 I-61 BoD: From left, Clayton Shenk, Mike Joseph, Shirley Luce,
Roger Ford, Holly Ford, Doug Phillips, and Elbert Detwiler (Chairman)

I-61’s Board of Directors (2008):

In December 2007 the Isaiah 61 Board met with their spouses for our annual Christmas Dinner at the home of Clayton and Dorothy Shenk.  The board also mixed a little business with pleasure by electing the Board of Directors for 2008.  Isaiah 61 Ministries is delighted to welcome Doug Phillips as our newest board member.  Congratulations and thanks to all our faithful directors!

I-61 BoD 2008.jpg

Seated, From left: Holly Ford, Roger Ford, Shirley Luce
Standing, from left: Elbert Detwiler, Clayton Shenk, Doug Phillips, Mike Joseph

I-61’s Board of Directors (2007) includes:

Elbert Detwiler, Chairman of the Board
Roger H. Ford, Executive Director
Clayton Shenk, Board Secretary
Holly E. Ford
David Michael Joseph
Shirley Luce

I-61’s founding Board of Directors:

I-61 was organized on August 3, 2006, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, by an independent group of Christian believers, representing several local churches and denominations. 

Elbert Detwiler, Chairman of the Board
Roger H. Ford, Executive Director
Clayton Shenk, Board Secretary
Holly E. Ford
David Michael Joseph
Shirley Luce
Jack Richardson


Seated, From left: Shirley Luce, Roger Ford, Holly Ford
Standing, from left: Clayton Shenk, Elbert Detwiler, Mike Joseph, Jack Richardson



Following the scripture from Matthew 10:8b (…”freely you have received, freely give.”), I-61 will not charge a fee for ministry. I-61 will, however, accept free will offerings from individuals and organizations that wish to support the ministry. Contributors will receive documentation for the support they give to I-61 Ministries.  This will be in the form of contribution receipts, as well as annual giving report summaries.  Further, supporters will be kept apprised of ministry activities through regular newsletters, financial reports, and a variety of meetings.










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