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  • I-61 Covenant Communities Launched

    In our last newsletter we reported that we are working to build strong support networks among I-61 team members and ministry recipients. We call this network “Covenant Community” based on the Greek word Koinonia, which means intimate fellowship. Several covenant communities have been launched in Vietnam and the USA. Here is a report from one in South East Asia:

    Our I-61 covenant community is based on 3 P's. Isaiah 61 gives us the promise (captives can be set free), we have a process (how we relate and minister to each other to stay and get freer) and His purpose (get active in ministry to help other captives find Jesus and get free!) Every time we meet we also have two more P’s: praise reports and prayer requests. Everybody must participate; if someone cannot testify about something good Jesus has done for them since we last met, then they will share their prayer needs. We have NO passive observers! We all know well the verse "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour," (1 Peter 5:8.) The author of this verse was speaking to believers, reminding them to be on guard and prepared to defend themselves against the enemy. Our Isaiah 61 covenant community helps us do that. We are people who stand with each other in battle and encourage each other to keep our guard up.

    When we first began to meet it was a challenge, but we remembered the promise, "The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners," (Isaiah 61:1) and we decided to take that scripture literally! We have learned to share our burdens, confess our sins and test for spirits together so that we can walk out the freedom that we proclaim.

    As we began to learn how to walk in covenant community we began receiving more freedom. Friends (believers and unbelievers) started noticing and asking what it was that made us "different." When we recently led a dear friend through the I-61 process to freedom I had never experienced such unity in any other ministry team in my life. I-61 partners in other countries were praying for us that day and we knew it. As the session ended our friend, now free, joined our I-61 community and took her testimony and Jesus’ promise of captives set free to her home country. From an I-61 partner in South East Asia.

  • I-61 Covenant Communities Update

    During the past three months I-61 Covenant Communities have been developing in both the USA and overseas. It has been a time of experimenting and on-the-job training as these groups sought the LORD to re-discover the power of the Gospel as it was experienced in the 1st Century church (see Acts 3:2-16.)

    Roger and Holly met with I-61 small groups in various cities during the summer. Each meeting brought exciting new discoveries and lessons-learned about how such house groups might function. A small group booklet, titled, “Walking In Covenant Community,” was prepared, which will soon be available for anyone interested in becoming part of an Isaiah 61 small group.

    Jeff, Gayle and Anna Claflin moved overseas in late July and quickly settled in to their new home and jobs. When they arrived they found the I-61 community waiting to help them. A small I-61 group meets in their home and together they are growing in knowledge of the authority believers have in the Name of Jesus.

    During a meeting Jeff shared that he had been struggling three days with a painful earache. A young group member gently rebuked him by asking, “Uncle Jeff, why didn’t you send us a text message so we could pray for you the first day?” She then stood up, laid her hand on Jeff’s ear and began to pray for healing in the Name of Jesus.Jeff felt better immediately and the next day woke to discover he was completely healed! “Let us consider how we may spur one another on…” (Hebrews 10:24.)

  • Steps to Self-Deliverance

    Do you struggle with a sin pattern that you cannot break? Perhaps you should try self-deliverance. Many people first discover the reality of deliverance by trying it on their own. Isaiah 61 Ministries encourages everyone we minister with to learn how to do self-deliverance following these seven steps:

    1. Confirm your commitment and total surrender to Jesus Christ as your Lord, Savior, and Master in every area of your life.
    2. Confess each sin and sin pattern and forgive others on behalf of yourself and your ancestors. Put everything under the cleansing blood of Jesus.
    3. Repent and renounce the sin and its consequences on you and your family.
    4. Break all agreement with any evil spirits that may have entered you and/or your family as a result of those sins.
    5. Command all evil spirits to leave you at once (tell them to go to the dry places where Jesus Himself will deal with them).
    6. Forbid the evil spirits to return to you or your family.
    7. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill the empty places, set you free, and empower you to serve Jesus in total submission to Him.

    It works. It also helps to confess your sins to a pastor or trusted Christian friend who can help to hold you accountable.

  • Healing Through Deliverance

    Many people who are oppressed by evil spirits do not realize that the cause of their oppression is demonic. Some have lived with their struggle(s) for so long, that they come to accept their conditions as incurable or even normal. In Luke, chapter 13, Jesus encounters a woman "who had been crippled by a spirit for eighteen years. She was bent over and could not straighten up at all." (Verse 11). Had this woman been living in the USA, she might have been told her condition was "arthritis." If she was living in Vietnam, she might just consider this the result of bending over too many years in the rice fields.

    Jesus, however, knew that her physical condition was the result of a spiritual cause. He said, "…should not this woman, a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen long years, be set free … from what bound her?" (Luke 13:16). His approach was, 1) to release her from the spirit of infirmity, then, 2) lay hands on her for healing. (See Luke 13:12-13.) I-61 prayer teams witness this same pattern often in our ministry sessions.

    One woman we prayed for had been tormented by evil spirits for many years. After her deliverance she slowly began to discover that, as a result of her deliverance, many kinds of afflictions were healed. Here is a portion of the list of healings she provided to I-61 as part of her testimony: "no more anxiety, no more back pain, no more lock-jaw, no more dependence on Chapstick, no longer light sensitive (do not need sunglasses all the time), no more depression, no more nightmares, no more getting up every 1.5 hours every night, no more absent-mindedness," and many more! She also was healed from a spirit of blindness. Prior to a prayer session her doctor had told her that she had either a tumor, or aneurism, or poor circulation, and as such, she was losing her eyesight. She could only see a few feet in front of her. After prayer her vision was fine and the doctor declared her totally healed!

    Some Christians doubt that Jesus is still in the healing business. Thank God, He is! "Those troubled by evil spirits were cured" Luke 6:18.

  • Short Term Mission to Trinidad

    In May Roger and Holly Ford made their first visit to Trinidad to minister and help train local pastors and foreign missionaries.  They were invited by Harrisonburg-based missionaries Paul and Evelyn Kratz and Richard and Margaret Keeler, a group of Trinidadian Mennonite pastors, and the Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions.  The invitation originated when the Kratz’s, who knew the Fords from Harrisonburg, contacted Roger in February and asked for guidance in dealing with some church members who were experiencing demonic manifestations.

    Bintee May 27 09 (3)

    From left: Roger, Holly, Bintee, Margaret, Richard, Evelyn and Paul in Trinidad

    During the mission the Fords gave three workshops for leaders from several churches including Mennonite, the Evangelical Church of the West Indies, a local Bible college, and a Baptist church.  Roger also spoke for one of the Mennonite congregations, and they led deliverance and healing prayers for 6 individuals.  One young couple (who had been heading towards divorce) recommitted themselves to Jesus, received deliverance prayers and renewed their marriage vows at the end of their prayer session.  Others were set free from a number of Hindu spirits.  One of the Hindu spirit deliverances took place in front of a large group during the final workshop.

    Holly and Roger were blessed to discover how eager their Trinidadian “students” were.  The pastoral team and their wives listened carefully, took pages of notes, and, most importantly, put into practice what was shared.  They were quick to accept the lead as Roger passed the prayer baton during prayer sessions and they were scheduling new prayer appointments for others in the days following the Ford’s departure.  (Philippians 4:9.)

    As the time was drawing to a close, many of those who participated in ministry testified.  A preacher’s wife stated, “After what I have seen this week I realize that the church has been robbed [referring to not understanding the role of deliverance in the church].”  Another woman cried and asked, “When will you come back?”  A pastor said, “I’ve been stretched this week, blessed, and know I have a long way to go.”  Still another pastor asked us to consider making Trinidad one of our regular annual stops on our circuit.  We thank the Lord for this opportunity to minister in Trinidad and we also wish to thank the Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions and many individuals who prayed for us and helped to finance this mission.

  • Annual I-61 Fall Dinner at Traditions

    On Saturday Oct. 24, Isaiah 61 Ministries will hold our Annual Fall Dinner in at Traditions Famiyl Restaurant in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The evening will include worship, food, fellowship, testimonies, and a ministry update.  Please mark the date and We hope to see you there!

  • 2008 Fall Fellowship Dinner

    More than 80 guests joined the I-61 Board of Directors for our first annual Fellowship Dinner at Traditions in Harrisonburg on October 25. Following a delicious buffet dinner, the evening included special music from Ryan Ford and his sister Cassandra Price, testimonies from Rick Slater and I-61 Board Member Shirley Luce, and an update on the ministry from Roger Ford. The highlight of the evening was our special guest speaker, Pastor Timothy Vinh from Vietnam.

    Pastor Vinh is the “first fruit” of I-61’s Project Timothy, our program to recruit, train, and commission others to carry out Jesus’ PHD ministry (Preach, Heal, and Deliver) under the Isaiah 61 Ministry banner. Holly Ford shared the exciting way the LORD introduced us to Vinh, then he shared some of his testimony.

    Vinh explained he first came to meet us to assist with a prayer ministry for a VN friend of his. This was his first experience involving the expulsion of evil spirits from a man. Although Vinh is a 3rd generation pastor, no one ever taught him that Christians could be oppressed, or, even infested, by demons. Vinh decided to ask Roger and Holly to pray for him too, as he wanted to be sure that “all his roots were clean!” Soon after that, Vinh was called to minister to a youth member of his church. As he looked into the boy’s face he suddenly felt the boy was under the influence of a demon spirit. He immediately started to pray using the words that he had learned watching Roger pray for his friend just a few days ago. Vinh was startled when an evil spirit named Dragon manifested in the boy. He kept commanding in the name of Jesus until the Dragon spirit left. (The dragon is central to the Vietnamese creation myth and their religious ceremonies.) Within a few more weeks Pastor Vinh had completed two dozen additional deliverance ministries. Please pray for Timothy as he ministers under the Isaiah 61 Ministry banner!

  • Going Deeper

    One of our deepest realizations during the first year of I-61 is the need for a more systematic and long-term approach to the healing and deliverance ministry.  We have met with approximately 100 people since launching this ministry.  While some of these cases could be resolved during a single ministry session, many people are in need of deep level cleansing and restoration that cannot be accomplished from a single day (or weekend) of ministry.  Much of our work the past six months has been directed at developing systems, networks, and training tools to meet the needs of these longer-term cases. 

    Three such activities are reviewed briefly below:

Pastoral Referrals

When we first began receiving requests for prayer ministry we always asked the person to be sure and request permission from their pastor for them to receive ministry from I-61.  Now we take that a step further and try to connect with the pastor personally before, during, and after ministry, when possible.  This has been a positive step in several ways; including helping us better understand the needs and history of the ministry receiver, as well as engaging the local pastor in the post-deliverance follow-up process.

One such pastor with whom we have reconnected is Rev. Doug Nelson of Albany, New York.  Doug and his wife Bev formerly ministered at the Hanoi International Fellowship, where we first met.  In July I-61 ministered to a family of four that the Nelsons referred to us.  It has been a joy to reconnect and work with Doug and Bev again.

Doug and Bev at the Refuge
Doug, Bev, Holly & Roger - July 2007

Pastoral Briefings and Training

We also have begun reaching out to local pastors for both networking and to assist with spiritual warfare training.  We held our first gathering in June with six pastors from four local churches.  Two requests for speaking or training assistance were received from that meeting, as well as a request for additional networking meetings in the future.

In addition, we were blessed to be visited in July by a pastor from Vietnam whom we have known since 1996.  Pastor “T” and his son, Sam, spent a day and evening with us while passing through the USA.  One month later, Roger and Holly met again with Pastor “T” and his wife in Vietnam to discuss training workshops I-61 will provide for them next year.

PHD School

During the summer months I-61’s Board of Directors, spouses, and a few others met for PHDSchool.  Just as Jesus sent out His disciples charging them to Preach, Heal, and Deliver (see Luke 9.1-2), we spent many hours together studying that commandment. 

We went through a deep study of 12 gates of entry for demonic oppression in our (and our ancestors’) lives.  Each session was accompanied with a time of scripture study and listening prayer.  Finally, we practiced how to take authority and pray for one another and tear down strongholds using the power Jesus has provided us.  PHD School will continue this fall.

  • Singapore and Vietnam Visits

Roger received an unexpected surprise in mid August when he stopped in Singapore for two days while working on a project in Vietnam for an international consulting firm.  In between meetings and flights he was able to visit Bernard and Lee Hua Chan briefly in their home.  Fellowship and prayer time with these dear friends is always like a cool drink of water upon dry lips.  Later, Holly joined Roger in Vietnam for brief visits with friends, pastors, and for follow-up on previous prayer ministries.

  • Signapore Seminar in Virginia

    In our last newsletter we mentioned Bernard Chan, head of His Greater Works, Singapore.  Bernard is a mentor, advisor, co-laborer, and accountability partner to the Fords and I-61 Ministries.  The Fords enjoy frequent “Singapore Seminars” with Bernard by telephone, during which we help each other by discussing ministry issues and pray for each other.


Suanne and Bernard Exploring Americana!

In April, the entire I-61 Board of Directors and many others enjoyed a “Singapore Seminar” in person.  Bernard traveled to the USA with his eldest daughter, Suanne for three weeks for a combination ministry and pleasure trip.  Suanne, 18, was born in South Carolina when Bernard was taking his masters degree at Columbia Bible College, and wanted to visit the land of her birth.  Bernard wanted to catch up with old friends, and also meet and minister to the Isaiah 61 Ministry team, which he helped to launch.

Bernard and Suanne were kept busy meeting many I-61 friends and supporters, sight-seeing, and enjoying American hospitality by visiting and having meals in several homes.  Bernard also joined us for prayer ministry and gave a workshop for our core team (see article below).  We thank God for Bernard’s ministry and for allowing Bernard and Suanne to visit us.  We pray that their entire family will come next trip!

  • God's Purpose for His People

    On 21 April Bernard spoke to more than 20 participants on God’s Purpose for His People.  He began the message with his personal testimony covering his early conversion, seminary training, and his 20 years on staff with the Navigators.  Then the focus shifted to his searching for a deeper knowledge of and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  Using many scriptures, he taught that Jesus told His disciples to do exactly what He did.  In fact, Jesus told us that if we have faith, then we would do even greater works than He Himself did (John 14:12).  This includes preaching, but also healing and deliverance (Luke 9:1-2).


Later, Bernard shared on several keys to become a Kingdom Community from John 17, I Peter 2:9-10, and passages from the Book of Acts.  We will post an audio file of Bernard’s message on our website soon.

  • Syracuse Ministry

    Ryan Ford is a second year student at Syracuse University.  He has had several opportunities to share his experiences with spiritual warfare in Vietnam (and the USA) with his friends.  In March Ryan brought some of his friends to Virginia for a weekend visit which led to a discussion about deliverance and an extended time of prayer. 

    Later that month we (Roger and Holly) had the opportunity to travel to Syracuse and conduct a short workshop on spiritual warfare and pray for several of Ryan’s friends.   It was a real pleasure to teach and pray for these young people.  They read the scriptures, believed, and let Jesus (through the Holy Spirit) do the rest!


Roger Ford at Syracuse, his Alma Mater

  • Missionary Journey Overview

    In mid December, we (Holly, Cassandra, Ryan, and Roger Ford) headed back to Vietnam to enjoy Christmas, “just like old times.”  Holly worked organizing and recruiting assistance over the internet so that we could host a Christmas party on Dec. 23 for about 75 old friends – all Vietnamese – no foreigners allowed!  The gathering was a big success and allowed us to catch up and share the Christmas story with many friends – some of whom we have known for ten years or more.  During the following days we continued to meet and share with old friends and enjoy being back in our “second homeland.” 

    Cassandra and Ryan returned to the USA in early January, leaving Holly and I to manage alone in central Vietnam.  We spent several weeks, part resting and reflecting, and part ministering to members of the Danang International Fellowship.  Following that we traveled to Singapore to meet with our mentor Bernard Chan and his family.  The final leg of our trip was nearly two weeks back in Hanoi where Roger taught a short class for his old institution, the Hanoi School of Business, and we also ministered to both foreign and local believers. We returned to Virginia in mid February to find our mountains covered with snow.  We are grateful to the Lord and to all of our supporters who helped make this missionary journey possible.

  • Singapore Update

    In many ways I-61 is the fruit of the ministry of Pastor Bernard Chan, head of His Greater Works Ministry, Singapore.  Bernard remains our mentor, advisor, accountability partner, and friend, and we cherish our visits with him, his family, and their core team.

space photo space

Bernard, Lee Hua, and Joy Ann Chan

Bernard and his wife Lee Hua welcomed us for several fully-packed days and nights caring for, listening to, praying for, encouraging, and counseling us.  We also enjoyed fellowship and reflection time with their core team, and, later, several hours with Bernard’s spiritual mentor, Douglas Koh, one of the leading deliverance ministers in Singapore.
  Doug and his wife have ministered in Singapore and around the world for more than 30 years.  It was fascinating to listen to their stories as they shared advice and lessons-learned from their experience.  Both Bernard and Doug agreed to write about their ministry experiences and send their stories to us for posting on our website, so stay tuned!
  • Vietnam Ministry Update

    Roger spoke twice at the Danang International Fellowship on topics titled “The Invisible War,” and “Checking Your Gates, Preparing for Deliverance.”  These messages brought several requests for prayer ministry and we met them as time allowed.  Later we also ministered to others in Hanoi, including some follow-up with previous ministry cases.

    One of the lessons we continue to learn is that healing and deliverance is a process, not a single event.  While some people do experience life-changing freedom in a single ministry session – and remain free, many people discover that freedom comes in layers – requiring times of inner healing, deliverance, Bible study and reflection, breaking curses and old habits, and allowing Jesus to “restore the places long devastated,” step by step.  One person in Vietnam said that ministry was “a painful and exhausting process and I am well aware that there is still work to be done… your ministry is of The Father and as draining as it may be at times, The Father is honored through it.  Thank You.”

  • USA Ministry Update

    During the fall of 2006 we met with many people for prayer ministry following a series of workshops.  As the workshops and prayer times came to an end, we launched some post-deliverance small groups where people could meet to encourage and support one another in walking-out their freedom in Jesus.  We are pleased to see what Jesus is doing in these groups and encourage everyone who has experienced deliverance prayer to get involved.  Please contact us for more information.

  • Isaiah 61 Ministries was featured on Sonshine Ministries annual Share-A-Thon on WLTK Radio, Oct. 6, 2006. Joining Roger on the air was I-61 Board Member Jack Richardson and Robin Joseph, wife of Board Member Mike Joseph. I-61 Ministries wishes to thank Sonshine Ministries and WLTK for providing us with this important platform to share what Jesus is doing in our ministry.
  • Roger spoke at New Life of the Shenandoah Church on Oct. 15. You can listen to his message, “Jesus – the Better Way,” on our website. Check for the link on the Resources page.
  • The Fords will be back in SE Asia during the Christmas holiday and January, 2007. Please pray for the Fords during this time.







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